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Key Terms & Definitions

Unique Donors

A unique donor is someone who has made a gift to your fund. A donor can only count as a unique donor one time within your unit, no matter how many gifts they make. 

"Increase from last year"

To be eligible for the Golden Bronco Trophy and The Personal Record, we will look at the delta between your donor count this year (2024) and last year (2023). Your count will begin the donor after you last year's number, for example: if your unit had 100 donors in 2023, your count will begin at donor #101. 

Designations & Funds

Designations are established funds at the university, which are documented in Salesforce as “Chart of Accounts.” When a challenge refers to a designation (or fund – these words can be used interchangeably), that means any specified fund that exists at the university. Funds can be in support of programs, departments, colleges, units, athletic teams, etc.

RSOs cannot have specified funds as they are not entities of the university. RSOs associated with an academic program may have a fund created; however, that money must flow through the dean’s office and then be allocated to the RSO designation. This must be approved, and a form must be filled out.

Colleges & Units

Colleges and Units are the sub-categories that fall under the VP areas of the university. In Salesforce these are noted as “School/Unit,” and this is where the data is pulled from when any challenge refers to “College/Unit.” This is a pre-determined list of 27 colleges/units – please see the full list below. On the dashboard under the Donors & Dollars graph ALL these areas are being pulled; however, the graph only surfaces the top 14.

List of Colleges & Units

Assessment & Undergraduate Studies
Associate Provost Enrollment Management
Auxillary Enterprise
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Aviation
College of Education and Human Development
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
College of Fine Arts
College of Health and Human Services
Haworth College of Business
Information Technology - CIO
Intercollegiate Athletics
Merze Tate College
Office of Institutional Equity
Office of the President
Other Academic Affairs Operations
Paper Technology Foundation
Provost & VP Academic Affairs
University Advancement
VP Business And Finance
VP Diversity & Inclusion
VP Government Affairs
VP Marketing and Strategic Communications
VP Research
VP Student Affairs
WMU Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine

University Advancement | Western Michigan University | 1903 W Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5403

University Advancement | Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5403

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