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Why Give?

The need and the opportunity is great, and WMU can and will rise to the challenge.” – President Edward Montgomery

Not only do publications like U.S. News and World Report base their rankings in part on alumni giving, but they also factor in student retention and graduation rates. Too often, talented students are forced to abandon or delay their education for financial reasons, and donor support can help them stay in school by providing scholarships funds, travel funds, emergency medical aid, and more.

More than three quarters of students at Western Michigan University receive some sort of financial support from the University. This support enables them to stay in school, graduate prepared, and incur less of a financial burden from student loan debt.

Students are also impacted by donor support through enhanced experiences:  

  • Funds can help students with emergency or extenuating situations.    
  • Donor support can aid in construction or renovations to keep our campus looking good while offering state-of-the-art learning facilities for students and researchers.    
  • Gifts can provide opportunities for students such as travel to conferences and competitions, study abroad, internships, and other out-of-the-classroom experiences that sharpen skills and provide real-world experience.

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You can make your gift to more than 1,903 funds and designations at WMU, just about anywhere on campus.